3 Of The Best Home Defense Weapons

When it comes to the violation of the sanctity and security of your home, it is necessary to take into consideration the best home defense weapons that are available to you.  Essentially, finding the right weapons is not as easy as merely going to the gun store and buying one.  You need to actually put up a defense plan that is made up of several security layers that will deter any attempts at a home invasion.  The initial step is always monitoring your property using reliable alarm systems and putting appropriate signage and stickers.

Deadbolts on doors as well as dogs can be useful too because they are not only deterrents, but also early warning systems for impending threats.  It is essential that your family knows about the overall security plan to ensure that you don’t end up shooting anyone of them by mistake.  When all these deterrents fail to prevent threats, you need to be prepared for the unthinkable, which is you home being penetrated.  Being prepared to put up a defensive posture can be done with these common choices of best home defense weapons.

  1. Rifles

Bolt action hunting rifles are excellent for large game, but are less effective as home defense weapons.  The main reason is that the loading action is considerably slower, which leads to slower firingHomeowners also need to consider that the high powered cartridges can produce excessive muzzle flash, recoil, noise, and most likely will overpenetrate the target.  The most ideal rifles would be pistol-caliber or tactical semi-automatic types.

The consideration of rifles as the best home defense weapons is due to the fact that they are powerful defensive firearms that can offer enormous stopping power that can be compared to shotguns, but without much recoil.  They also offer added range and accuracy, but the length can be somewhat difficult to manage when there is a need to maneuver within tight spaces.  These types of rifles can also be quite expensive, but, you can never put a price on the safety of your family and property.

Compact lever action rifles are also adequate choices and have been used in home defense for quite some time.  These types of rifles normally hold multiple rounds in the magazine, but reloading cartridges must be done one at a time.  There are some variants that are compatible with handgun magazines making them more flexible and practical choices.  The longer barrels contribute to increasing the velocity of the load.

  1. Shotguns

Homeowners should be aware that shotguns for outdoor sports are quite different for those intended for home defense.  The main difference actually is based on the barrel length.  Those for home defense normally have shorter barrels and can even offer extended capacity for their magazine.  Some even come with special sighting system for added accuracy making it one of the best home defense weapons.  These can be designed as semi-automatic, pump-action, or break-action.

The pump-action is the most popular and least expensive among shotguns.  They are also considered as the most mechanically reliableSemi-automatic shotguns load a fresh round every time the trigger is pulled until there is nothing left in the magazine.  These fire more rapidly and accurately, but can be quite expensiveBreak-action shotguns are the most reliable and simplest to operate, but are limited to a maximum of two-shot capacity.

Despite the stopping power of shotguns, they have limited ammunition capacity and are comparatively slow to reload.  The length as well as its weight can also have some negative consequences depending on the user.  Homeowners should be aware though that the Hollywood effects of someone flying across the room because of being hit by shotgun shells are totally false.

Homeowners are likewise advised against holding and firing shotguns at hip level.  This is because the shot patterns will remain relatively small for home defense distances, resulting in a higher possibility of missing the target.  The cluster of the pellets will also fail to overpenetrate the body of the target and can hit much more beyond the intended target causing more damage than necessary.  Homeowners should never remove the shoulder stock to ensure that they can maintain proper aim; this type of configuration should be left to properly trained law enforcers.

  1. Handguns

There is no doubt that handguns remain as one of the best home defense weapons preferred by many homeowners.  Not only are they relatively easy to handle and move with in confined spaces, but they can also be used preferably close to the body minimizing the potentials of intruders grabbing or knocking it away.  The compact size also eliminates the need for specialized storageHomeowners also need to consider the wide variety of handguns in the market.

Double-action revolvers and semi-automatic pistols fall into the category of handgunsDouble-action revolvers are those that allow a cylinder to swing out to a side for loading or unloading of rounds.  They are relatively easy to learn and use aside from being extremely reliable.  There are no special levers, switches, or buttons, all that needs to be done is to aim and pull the trigger.  A barrel length of 3 to 4 inches would be ideal for handguns for home defense.

Semi-automatic pistols on the other hand have magazines that are responsible for loading the ammunition into the firing chamber.  They are more complicated to use but have lighter triggers making firing comparatively easy.  Reloading can also be done faster and easier than double-action revolvers.  The duty-size pistols also provide homeowners with larger capacity magazines as well as longer grips making them more comfortable to use than sub-compact and compact pistols.

Although many homeowners consider handguns as the best home defense weapons, they have comparatively weaker stopping power compared to rifles and shotguns.  When choosing defensive handguns, it is important for homeowners to consider how comfortable they are when using the weapon.  The flash of high powered handguns may leave homeowners temporarily deaf and blind, which can be to their disadvantage.

Whatever the choice of homeowners may be, the important thing to understand is that home defense weapons should never be taken lightly.  The importance of knowing the best home defense weapons is emphasized by the fact that they can be the last line of defense against impending threats to your person, family, and property.